Re-enacting THE MOMENT. Except in a nicer bathroom with snake decals.

One Tall, True, Slithery Tale

Snakes. Plumbing. Two not-so-fun words that go worse together. Using a drain snake to unclog the shower drain? Yuck. Rumors of snakes in the sewer? Double yuck. Finding an actual, real snake in your toilet? Dreadfully Yucky. Veronica Rodriguez and I have similar horror stories. Ok, her snake story involved a 12 foot python; that does qualify […]

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My baseball guy a few years back

5 Reasons to Skip that End of the Year Party—And One Really Big Reason Not To

Let’s acknowledge up front: this is an exhausting time for parents everywhere. There are many reasons to skip the [baseball/band/chess/insert your kid’s thing] end-of-the-year party. Here’s five: You’re dreadfully busy. It’s the season of teachers’ gifts and final exams, swim team starting while spring sports are still going. The grey hairs are multiplying. It’s all […]

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