An Ode to Parents Who Cave

We’ve all been there. Oh sure, we pretend to be rule-setters. We look the pediatrician straight in the eye and swear to no more than an hour of screen time a day.

We lie.

We truly want to do the right thing. It’s just, sometimes,  the children are bored. And we’re tired. Or they get us at a moment of weakness. Or this one: the kiddos insist their stats are absolutely correct. “Yes, mom, I swear: EVERYONE has [insert device of choice: I-touch/I-phone/X-Box/Playstation].”

The result? We cave.

I wrote about just such a scenario on one of my favorite humor sites, In the Powder Room. I’m giving you the link right here: If You Give a Tween A Smart Phone.

I hope you’ll read it and remember, if you happen to resemble this article–you are not alone. Because we all cave, sometimes. The big question: who caved first? ‘Cause you can always blame them for your moment of weakness. Or just admit it was going to happen anyway.

p.s. And yes, the title and structure were inspired by popular children’s book If You Give a Pig a Pancake. As we all know, when you read those books hundreds of times–out loud–they stay with you. Which is lovely.

Author: Kristin O'Keefe

Kristin O’Keefe has bartended in Scotland, written speeches for college presidents, and led communications & marketing for an economic development organization. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, McSweeney's, Barrelhouse, Your Teen, Grown and Flown, and Scary Mommy. Find her on Twitter @_KristinOKeefe and Facebook at Kristin O'Keefe, writer.

2 thoughts on “An Ode to Parents Who Cave

  1. Darlene Campbell says:

    I’m just grateful the smart phone wasn’t a “must have item” when my kids were in school, although I did get them a cell phone when they went to college, then stopped paying for it a year after graduation. As adults they have the iphone6 (or whatever the newest one is) and I am proud to say they are not screen addicts. I still have conversations with them face to face. Awesome. Cheers-Darlene


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