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Writing/The Arts

Think you’d be inspired by a Calder mobile? Then this writing salon is for you, by Kristin O’Keefe, Washington Post Magazine

Is Your Child a Reluctant Reader/Writer? Take Them to a Show,  by Kristin O’Keefe, Washington Post

The Rise and Fall and Rise of a Middle School–a Tragicomedy in Three Acts, by Kristin O’Keefe, McSweeney’s

How to Get Published: 7 Tips from a Year of Magical Writing, by Kristin O’Keefe, Mom2.0Summit


Parenting/Education Issues

The Nation’s Largest Survey of Youth Risk Behaviors, by Kristin O’Keefe, Your Teen Magazine

Why Read Aloud Day Matters: In a World of Screens and Busyness, We Find the Time for Magic, by Kristin O’Keefe, Washington Post

When Letting Children Take Risks is Risky for Parents, by Kristin O’Keefe, New York Times

The Community College/Real College Divide, by Kristin O’Keefe, New York Times

Why this Troop Leader Quit the Girl Scouts, by Kristin O’Keefe, New York Times

Your Child Has Lice? Spread the Word, by Kristin O’Keefe, New York Times

First Job: Top 10 Takeaways for Your Teen, by Kristin O’Keefe, Grown and Flown

The Best Advice I Received as a New Mom, by Kristin O’Keefe, The Washington Post

Do you try the University of Google when there’s no time to get to the doctor? Maybe don’t, by Kristin O’Keefe, Washington Post

First It Was Trophies, Now It’s Driver’s Licenses, by Kristin O’Keefe, Washington Post


Jesse Offers Rick Springfield Belated Birthday Greetings and Some Grievances by Kristin O’Keefe, Little Old Lady Comedy

5 Reasons I Trashed the RH Teen Catalog, by Kristin O’Keefe, Scary Mommy

10 Ways Life’s Changed Since 1985 (or Has It?) by Kristin O’Keefe, Scary Mommy

Four Scores and Seven Games Ago: The Soccerplex Address, by Kristin O’Keefe, In the Powder Room

An Open Letter to Tina Fey About the Daily Show Gig by Kristin O’Keefe, In The Powder Room

My Sundance Catalogue Shares 26 Thoughts on Three Hobbit Movies, by K. O’Keefe, In The Powder Room

If You Give a Tween a Smart Phone, by Kristin O’Keefe, In The Powder Room 

15 Torturous Texts to Send Your Teen, by Kristin O’Keefe, In The Powder Room

Dispatch: The Moral Perils of a Snake in the Toilet, by Kristin O’Keefe, Washington Post

Dear Tooth Fairy: Ever Hear of a ‘Recession’?, by Kristin O’Keefe, Washington Post

That Dreaded Catalogue, by Kristin O’Keefe, Mom Ready

On Love and Loss

Exercising Mussel Memories by Kristin O’Keefe, Barrelhouse

The Lasting Impact of One Last Thing, by Kristin O’Keefe, The Manifest-Station

Thoughts on Lisa by Kristin O’Keefe, Bethesda Magazine (March/April 2009)

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