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A Caterpillar Status Update & My Other July Articles

July was a busy writing month for me; I’m sharing two articles on research studies that benefit teens, as well as a humor piece that seems to resonate with mothers of a certain age. In this Your Teen article “How Practicing Kindness Can Enhance Your Teen’s Well-Being,” I reported on psychology professor Douglas Gentile’s research study with […]

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And the Word for 2018 is …

Happy New Year! Have you picked a special word, a single source of inspiration to guide you through the year? Last year I abandoned resolutions before they could abandon me, choosing “create” and “push” as my words for 2017. Yes, that’s two words. I’m not always the best rule follower. This year I played with […]

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The Time We Spend With Art. And Bats.

I’ve been thinking recently about the idea of slow-looking, about the time we spend with a thing, whether it’s art or bats or a crowded bridge. About what that time looks like. What’s the longest you’ve spent with a single work of art? Until last year, my answer was about a minute. Now it’s a whole afternoon, thanks […]

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"Infinity Mirrored Room—Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity 2009"

All The Eternal Love I Have For Kusama’s Art: Five Things to Know About the Hottest Exhibit in Town

Washington D.C.’s Hirshhorn Museum has an exhibit called Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors and it is the hottest ticket in town. It will also be the hottest ticket in town when it hits Seattle, Los Angeles, Toronto, Cleveland and Atlanta. The Kusama exhibit is touring and winning, like Beyonce and the Rolling Stones. Especially the Stones, as Yayoi Kusama […]

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Push, Create, Repeat

Confession: I have a tendency to seek comfort, to do things that don’t require too much of me. I like exercise that doesn’t involve sweat. I will always choose walking over running; don’t get me started on that hot yoga nonsense. (Perspiring in close proximity to strangers? Um, no.) My reading and viewing options also reflect this […]

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