Can Tina Fey Make History?

Tina Fey on a Daily Show basis? Yes!

Tina Fey on a Daily Show basis? Yes!

So it’s Women’s History Month, where we celebrate amazing women from around the world. Let’s not forget the funny ones, for they bring us great joy. Today I share 13 very good reasons why Tina Fey should be the next host of the Daily Show. You can read my piece over at one of my favorite women’s humor sites:

NOTE: For the record, my favorite woman, of course, is my mom, and not just because she’s always the first to comment on my blog posts. (Thanks mom!) One of mom’s many gifts to me was a wicked sense of humor–I bet she’s related to fellow Missourian Mark Twain somewhere down the line. Hope you like this one, mom.


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  1. mom March 26, 2015 at 4:05 pm #


    I am feeling really delighted at this moment–very special. I had a real tricky crossword, so didn’t get to the email until well after three, even though your dad was urging me to because it was a really good one and I would love it. But he didn’t spoil the surprise for me.

    Oh, I almost forgot. I think your message to Tina Fey was on target.

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