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My Life is a Modern Family Episode

Yes, my life sometimes resembles an episode of Modern Family, like the one where Mitchell was banished from the big game because he’s bad luck. Except he’s a character who was banished from a fake football game, whereas I was banished from a real soccer game. By my own kid. So here’s the big question: how’s this particular banishment […]

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Some Lice Reading

Lice and Gratitude–Seriously

Well, first I wrote about a snake in the toilet. And now, it’s lice in the scalp. Speaking from experience, you’d rather have the snake. Anyway, there’s one positive to having multiple bouts of lice. You kind of become an expert, and then you get to write about it in The New York Times! But first, some […]

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Embracing Zion

Happy Birthday to America’s Very Best

August 25, 2016 Dear National Park Service, Happy 100th Birthday! Two years ago today I wrote about my family’s visit to three of your parks in Utah. It was magic. Here’s that post. Hope to see you in Glacier next summer! Kudos to President Woodrow Wilson for signing the “Organic Act,” which made you Park Service folks responsible for protecting […]

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