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What Americans Do When Our People Have Cancer (And the One Thing We Don’t Do Enough)

Dear Candidates/Elected Officials, A group of friends recently gathered at a dive bar in the shadows of the U.S. Capitol. We did not talk politics. Instead, we told stories of our friend Eve: how her favorite accessories were a big smile and perfect red lipstick, how we loved her thick southern accent and glorious sense of fun, how […]

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Lucy and Eva, who knew how to have fun

A Remembrance of Lucy

You meet her shortly after you move into a little brick tree house nestled in a hill. There is a creek and a park that you visit almost every day. You share the swings with two saucy blond sisters. Your mothers chat for hours while you three explore. Pebbles are collected and carried up to the narrow bridge. You lean over and toss […]

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sue and me

Kindred Spirits Are Everywhere

Tis the season for both heartbreaking news and stories of beautiful people and organizations. I’m putting aside all the harried, busy stuff for a bit and sharing news about some of my favorites: Glennon Doyle’s Together Rising, Humans of New York, A Wider Circle, and my friend Sue Leather. Because in a tough world, goodness deserves attention. […]

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fred rogers town

Won’t You Be My… Freighbor?

Remember when Mr. Rogers used to look right through the television and sing to us, “Won’t you be my neighbor?” Yes! Except knowing what I do now, I kind of wish Mr. Rogers had substituted freighbor for neighbor. There’s a difference between neighbors and freighbors, you see. Neighbors wave hello. They might buy cookies from your girl […]

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Because it's what's inside that counts.

Why I Just Can’t Quit My Minivan

We suburban parents have something in common with a famous American icon. Because whether you’re fighting outlaws in the wild west or the Costco parking lot, everyone needs a trusty steed. The Lone Ranger had Silver; we have Burgundy. Ok, his was a horse, ours is a minivan. But still. According to lore (the old-fashioned word for Wikipedia), the Lone […]

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My Kitchen: One Wild Setting for One Wild Book

Running Wild in the Burbs

Oops, typo. I meant “Reading Wild in the Burbs.” But anyway, now that you’re here, please stay for a little story about a book (Cheryl Strayed‘s Wild, film out December 5), and a special bookclub. So about that bookclub… Our first meeting was in my living room. Our first book was Alice McDermott’s Charming Billy. We drank wine; we […]

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