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Restoration Hardware’s Teen Line: Where All Good Things Are Wild & Free. Except Not Exactly.

When Lionel Richie and Jimmy Fallon appear in your Facebook feed singing “Hello, is it me you’re looking for?” you know it’s a sign. It’s like you forgot you were looking for something and then along comes Lionel to remind you. And there it was, sitting in a pile of mail. Hello, Premier Issue of RH Teen! In my […]

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The Toilet Paper Fairy's Note

The Week The Toilet Paper Fairy Rolled Out of Town

Yep, that’s right, the toilet paper fairy. Every dreadfully busy household has one, right? That dear fairy who flits in, removes the sad, empty cardboard roll and replaces it with a soft, huggable, fresh roll of toilet paper. What a lovely fairy she is. Until she goes on vacation. Or strike. It wasn’t entirely clear from her note: It […]

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Re-enacting THE MOMENT. Except in a nicer bathroom with snake decals.

One Tall, True, Slithery Tale

Snakes. Plumbing. Two not-so-fun words that go worse together. Using a drain snake to unclog the shower drain? Yuck. Rumors of snakes in the sewer? Double yuck. Finding an actual, real snake in your toilet? Dreadfully Yucky. Veronica Rodriguez and I have similar horror stories. Ok, her snake story involved a 12 foot python; that does qualify […]

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