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Girl Scouts Good, Their Forms–Not So Much

Forgive me for over-posting this week, but wanted to share my recent New York Times piece. This one’s about the Girl Scouts, and my theory on why they’ve lost nearly a million members in the last decade. I’ve kvetched and regaled people with my complaints about scouting for years (hint: It’s not the parents or girls. It’s the organization’s […]

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The Toilet Paper Fairy's Note

The Week The Toilet Paper Fairy Rolled Out of Town

Yep, that’s right, the toilet paper fairy. Every dreadfully busy household has one, right? That dear fairy who flits in, removes the sad, empty cardboard roll and replaces it with a soft, huggable, fresh roll of toilet paper. What a lovely fairy she is. Until she goes on vacation. Or strike. It wasn’t entirely clear from her note: It […]

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silly beach

It’s Summer–Don’t Forget

In the midst of all our busyness–and by that I mean vacation planning, and packing, and unpacking, and driving the children here, there, and everywhere, and signing up for all the fall stuff, and nagging people to sign up for all the fall stuff–in the midst of all of it, don’t forget. Don’t forget to […]

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My baseball guy a few years back

5 Reasons to Skip that End of the Year Party—And One Really Big Reason Not To

Let’s acknowledge up front: this is an exhausting time for parents everywhere. There are many reasons to skip the [baseball/band/chess/insert your kid’s thing] end-of-the-year party. Here’s five: You’re dreadfully busy. It’s the season of teachers’ gifts and final exams, swim team starting while spring sports are still going. The grey hairs are multiplying. It’s all […]

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