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Push, Create, Repeat

Confession: I have a tendency to seek comfort, to do things that don’t require too much of me. I like exercise that doesn’t involve sweat. I will always choose walking over running; don’t get me started on that hot yoga nonsense. (Perspiring in close proximity to strangers? Um, no.) My reading and viewing options also reflect this […]

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What Americans Do When Our People Have Cancer (And the One Thing We Don’t Do Enough)

Dear Candidates/Elected Officials, A group of friends recently gathered at a dive bar in the shadows of the U.S. Capitol. We did not talk politics. Instead, we told stories of our friend Eve: how her favorite accessories were a big smile and perfect red lipstick, how we loved her thick southern accent and glorious sense of fun, how […]

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Senator John A. Cade, Me, and then Senator Patrick Hogan, June 1996

That Time This Liberal Democrat Worked for Maryland’s Most Feared Republican

To the many who claim to hate politics, I beg of you: don’t. Does our political system seem broken? Yes, it does. Can it work? Absolutely. It has to. David Brooks penned an article that I can’t stop thinking about. In “The Governing Cancer of Our Time,” Brooks, a conservative columnist for The New York Times, wrote of the […]

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sue and me

Kindred Spirits Are Everywhere

Tis the season for both heartbreaking news and stories of beautiful people and organizations. I’m putting aside all the harried, busy stuff for a bit and sharing news about some of my favorites: Glennon Doyle’s Together Rising, Humans of New York, A Wider Circle, and my friend Sue Leather. Because in a tough world, goodness deserves attention. […]

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