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Why I Just Can’t Quit My Minivan

We suburban parents have something in common with a famous American icon. Because whether you’re fighting outlaws in the wild west or the Costco parking lot, everyone needs a trusty steed. The Lone Ranger had Silver; we have Burgundy. Ok, his was a horse, ours is a minivan. But still. According to lore (the old-fashioned word for Wikipedia), the Lone […]

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My mother's African cloth. Purchased in Nigeria, 1962.

What Nigerian Girls Wear

When I was a child, Nigeria meant stacks of cloth in my mother’s closet. My mother is not African. She’s of Welsh-Irish-Assorted ancestry; most of her early life was spent in St. Louis. Her first international trip was a big one. She was 22 in 1962; one of the early waves of Peace Corps volunteers eager […]

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Embracing Zion

Happy Birthday to America’s Very Best

August 25, 2016 Dear National Park Service, Happy 100th Birthday! Two years ago today I wrote about my family’s visit to three of your parks in Utah. It was magic. Here’s that post. Hope to see you in Glacier next summer! Kudos to President Woodrow Wilson for signing the “Organic Act,” which made you Park Service folks responsible for protecting […]

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Peter on ladder, always wanting to show us the new. Handprints on the Wall with my East German friends. Cathy and I, seeing more than ever could have imagined.

Pack Lightly

Just back from a glorious hiking trip, there’s only one real criticism: once again, I over-packed. My daughter and I were the main culprits; we clearly had overly high aspirations for our mountain social lives. The irony? I once lived out of a single bag for nearly a year, my go-to possession an oversized brown sweater. A bad economy helped […]

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Happy Tweety sailing along in his ancient minivan....

I Do Not Like You, I-Nine-Five

Bad day on the highway? Want to keep it loose? Go all out Seuss. Yep, it’s time to take on the traffic beast in rhyme. We all love our summer vacations–the beach, the mountains, amusement parks. If only we didn’t have to take the highway of hell, also known as Interstate 95, to reach them. Sadly, […]

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