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My Hobbit Journal. I may have been 12.

Let Weirdness Reign

So in honor of one weird week, I wrote one of my odder guest posts. It’s like a “you got peanut butter in my chocolate” moment, except my Sundance Catalog got in some Hobbit movies. The catalog, if you didn’t know, is a Robert Redford product that offers the ageless adventurer clothing and jewelry so free-spirited your Amex […]

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Some Lice Reading

Lice and Gratitude–Seriously

Well, first I wrote about a snake in the toilet. And now, it’s lice in the scalp. Speaking from experience, you’d rather have the snake. Anyway, there’s one positive to having multiple bouts of lice. You kind of become an expert, and then you get to write about it in The New York Times! But first, some […]

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