Dear Politics and Prose (A Thank You)

Dear Politics and Prose Bookstore and Coffeehouse, This is, I promise, a thank you note. I’ve read about the hate mail and the threatening phone calls, all tied to an ugly, bizarre conspiracy theory that’s upended your cozy block of shops and restaurants. (The false story and its aftermath are detailed in this Washington Post story: Pizzagate: […]

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What Americans Do When Our People Have Cancer (And the One Thing We Don’t Do Enough)

Dear Candidates/Elected Officials, A group of friends recently gathered at a dive bar in the shadows of the U.S. Capitol. We did not talk politics. Instead, we told stories of our friend Eve: how her favorite accessories were a big smile and perfect red lipstick, how we loved her thick southern accent and glorious sense of fun, how […]

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Senator John A. Cade, Me, and then Senator Patrick Hogan, June 1996

That Time This Liberal Democrat Worked for Maryland’s Most Feared Republican

To the many who claim to hate politics, I beg of you: don’t. Does our political system seem broken? Yes, it does. Can it work? Absolutely. It has to. David Brooks penned an article that I can’t stop thinking about. In “The Governing Cancer of Our Time,” Brooks, a conservative columnist for The New York Times, wrote of the […]

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Lucy and Eva, who knew how to have fun

A Remembrance of Lucy

You meet her shortly after you move into a little brick tree house nestled in a hill. There is a creek and a park that you visit almost every day. You share the swings with two saucy blond sisters. Your mothers chat for hours while you three explore. Pebbles are collected and carried up to the narrow bridge. You lean over and toss […]

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Embracing Zion

Yuge Novel News!

No, this isn’t about Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders, though I get a kick out of their very New York way of pronouncing “huge.” Here’s my yuge New York-related news: I’m going to be represented by InkWell Management, where I get to work with the fabulous Liz Parker! I have a literary agent! (Note: I am usually judicious when it comes […]

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March 8

Springing Forward: Growth And New Work

Hello! I’ve writing news to share, including a new website name. First, though: happy spring. One of my tricks to getting through winter is keeping out my two favorite Christmas decorations until spring arrives. Because aside from my daughter’s birthday, I’m not a huge fan of that last season. If promise was a color it would be yellow: […]

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kondo 1

The Only Word Parents Need From That Magical Book on Decluttering

You are contemplating Marie Kondo’s best selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: the Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, because it promises to change your life. But you are crazy busy and also you may have misplaced the copy that called to you from the bargain book aisle at Costco. (Pro tip: Good chance it’s shoved […]

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