Chatter in the Head by Darlene Campbell

Guest Post: An Artist’s Rendering of Dreadfully Busy

So excited to share a guest art post today from writer/illustrator Darlene Campbell, who blogs at How’d we connect? We’re both in an online writer’s group that logs in at 7:30 am every Thursday morning from Australia, Texas, Arkansas, Maryland and Ohio. (Now you see why so early–we’re balancing central time, eastern time, and Australia time! The support is […]

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silly beach

It’s Summer–Don’t Forget

In the midst of all our busyness–and by that I mean vacation planning, and packing, and unpacking, and driving the children here, there, and everywhere, and signing up for all the fall stuff, and nagging people to sign up for all the fall stuff–in the midst of all of it, don’t forget. Don’t forget to […]

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Happy Tweety sailing along in his ancient minivan....

I Do Not Like You, I-Nine-Five

Bad day on the highway? Want to keep it loose? Go all out Seuss. Yep, it’s time to take on the traffic beast in rhyme. We all love our summer vacations–the beach, the mountains, amusement parks. If only we didn’t have to take the highway of hell, also known as Interstate 95, to reach them. Sadly, […]

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Re-enacting THE MOMENT. Except in a nicer bathroom with snake decals.

One Tall, True, Slithery Tale

Snakes. Plumbing. Two not-so-fun words that go worse together. Using a drain snake to unclog the shower drain? Yuck. Rumors of snakes in the sewer? Double yuck. Finding an actual, real snake in your toilet? Dreadfully Yucky. Veronica Rodriguez and I have similar horror stories. Ok, her snake story involved a 12 foot python; that does qualify […]

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My baseball guy a few years back

5 Reasons to Skip that End of the Year Party—And One Really Big Reason Not To

Let’s acknowledge up front: this is an exhausting time for parents everywhere. There are many reasons to skip the [baseball/band/chess/insert your kid’s thing] end-of-the-year party. Here’s five: You’re dreadfully busy. It’s the season of teachers’ gifts and final exams, swim team starting while spring sports are still going. The grey hairs are multiplying. It’s all […]

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