Photo credit Anna Carson DeWitt

Photo credit Anna Carson DeWitt

Glad you found my landing spot for clients and readers — welcome!

Looking for a writer to tell your story? With over a decade of experience writing for college presidents, I’ve mastered a variety of voices and narratives. Today I write client articles like this one, as well as alumni magazine cover stories, testimony, speeches, reports, and opinion pieces. For more information, visit my writing for you page.

My reported articles include The Nation’s Largest Survey of Youth Risk Behaviors for Your Teen Magazine and this Washington Post Magazine story on the National Gallery of Art’s writing salons.

I’ve had essays published in Barrelhouse MagazineMcSweeney’sThe New York Times and The Washington Post on topics as varied as community colleges, lice, loss, and reading aloud. For more stories and publications, check out other places I write.

And last but not least, you can sign up here to receive my occasional blog posts on writing, art and modern life.

Thanks for finding me.

Cheers, Kristin

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